känn dissen jävla loser

- Do you mind if I smoke?
- I don't care if you burn.

- I'm a postman, so you can rely on me to deliver a large package.
- Sorry, but I need someone who comes more than once a day.

- You look like you've never done it in a water bed.
- You look like you've never done it.

- It's not how big it is, it's what you can do with it that counts.
- Well, you can certainly do something amazing: you can make it almost invisible to the naked eye.

- I always swallow.
- Good. You'd starve otherwise.

- Can you help me? I had sex with someone last night, and I think it might have been you.
- No, I think it was with yourself.

- Where do you come from?
- Way above your league.

- Bond. James Bond.
- Off. Piss off.

- When I'm with you I feel like a real man.
- So do I.


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